These Monster Studs have minor blemishes or imperfections in the finish but are still structurally & functionally normal.  

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“Mount Anything, Anywhere...Without Screws or Drilling Holes!”

Innovative Boat and Yacht Marine Hardware - New Marine Fasteners

Monster Studs are US Patented adhesive marine fasteners that completely revolutionize how we secure items to any surface anywhere on our boats and yachts, including boat and yacht hulls.   Our industrial marine fasteners are easy to install and allow for iron clad, reliable, and flawless installations.  Use Monster Studs to install bilge pumps, wash down pumps, and diaphragm pumps, marine equipment, marine accessories, marine devices, marine holding tanks of any type, and marine electronics. No more struggling with worn-out or corroded screws when trying to remove marine devices for service, maintenance or replacement and no more multiple old worn out screw holes in your deck or mounting surface. Most importantly, no more fighting with trying to get marine devices to stay put with screws! With Monster Studs, whatever you mount will stay where it's supposed to and never come loose when you least expect it.  

Quickly and easily remove or mount essential components to your vessel with one hand, without having to squeeze your body into tight, uncomfortable spaces, and without leaving multiple old worn out screw holes.   With Monster Studs, the most innovative adhesive marine fastener, you can easily remove and reinstall a wide range of marine equipment and devices without further damaging mounting surfaces of your boat or yacht.  Monster Studs provides a permanent and reliable mount with the ability to also quickly and easily remove and reinstall whatever is mounted!

Thanks to Studley at Monster Studs, there will be no more screwing anything into your boat, worrying about fastener length, or stressing over puncturing the opposite side of mounting surfaces.  Most importantly, whatever you mount with Monster Studs will stay put no matter what, until you intentionally remove it!  Boat and yacht owners will never again be hassled by or have to deal with any marine devices coming loose while underway!  Devices that are mounted with Monster Studs won't come loose unless you want them to! 

Our innovative adhesive marine fasteners provide dependable installations for boat builders, yacht builders, boat mechanics, riggers, and do-it-yourselfers. Monster Studs can and will mount anything, anywhere, and it will stay put no matter what! Why screw around?With its virtually limitless applications, our new marine fastener can be used in any location on most any surface mounted marine device!  Monster Studs can also be installed "through hole" or what Studley likes to call "stealth mount" style with only the studs visible through any finished surface. This innovative new marine fastener actually has its own built in backing plate. Reliability and versatility, that's what Studley's talking about.

Quick & Easy Installation of Marine Accessories, Devices & Equipment with Our Premium Adhesive Marine Fastener

We offer a damage-free and bulletproof alternative to screwing down your boat and yacht equipment. You can utilize our permanent yet removable marine hardware in horizontal, vertical, elevated, and overhead/upside-down mounting applications. It's perfect for above or below deck, inside boat and yacht holds, lockers, bilges and inside engine rooms.  To top it off, Studley says that Monster Studs can also be used to mount submerged items.  Made of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, our adhesive marine fastener can be used virtually anywhere on your boat or yacht in a virtually limitless number of ways.  Monster Studs are the number one  marine fastener and essential piece of marine hardware that every boat builder, yacht builder, boat mechanic, marine rigger, marine fabricator, boat owner, yacht owner and captain should always have aboard.

Monster Studs is a worry-free adhesive boat and yacht fastener that can also be used to install items through holes that require large washers or backing plates to create a secure installation.  When you install Monster Studs using the recommended adhesives, 3M 5200 or JB Weld MarineWeld, you'll never have to screw anything into your boat again, ever, and it will never come loose!

The Solution to Never Screwing Your Boat Ever Again  

Just a few of the many uses for Monster Studs include:

  • Discharge pumps
  • Wash down pumps
  • Fresh water holding tanks
  • Bait wells
  • Bait well pumps
  • Bait well pump systems
  • Battery hold-downs 
  • Steering pump mounting cases
  • Marine refrigeration equipment hold down mounts - yeah, pretty much all of this stuff! 
  • Marine desalination system equipment
  • Rigging:  battery cable hold down mounts
  • Rigging:  wiring bundle hold down mounts
  • Rigging:  fuel line hold down mounts
  • Rigging:  piping (flex or solid) hold down mounts
  • Rigging:  marine refrigeration lines, gas and electrical
  • Rigging:  multiple line run mounting -  one monster stud = multiple lines on one mounting point
  • Battery isolators 
  • Amplifiers
  • Inverters
  • Marine electronics
  • Toilet discharge holding tanks: grey water tanks, black water tanks
  • Air horns & air horn compressors
  • Routered or countersunk sub surface panel mounting: "stealth mount" with hidden base plate
  • Through-hole mounted fixtures & devices: built in / integrated backing plate
  • Elevated mounting
  • T-top through hole mounting: built in / integrated backing plate
  • Marine welding and fabrication applications
  • Endless land based, construction, remodeling & engineering applications.
  • Studley the sea monster wants you to know that the above list is by no means all inclusive; and the possibilities and number of different applications for using these game changing and innovative marine fasteners in the boating industry are endless.  You can use Monster Studs virtually anywhere on your boat or yacht with no screws or holes required.


    Mount anything, anywhere with Monster Studs - Why screw around?



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