What Are Monster Studs?

Monster Studs are an adhesive marine fastening system that revolutionizes the way marine equipment and devices are mounted to boats and yachts. Our adhesive marine fasteners are a type of marine hardware that will allow anyone to mount anything anywhere on boats or yachts without drilling holes, using screws or damaging surfaces. Our permanent fastening system eliminates the need to use two hands with screws and a screw gun, while also trying to hold whatever you're mounting in place! The best part about Monster Studs is that whatever is mounted will reliably stay where it's supposed to, while also still being capable of quick and easy removal and reinstallation as needed; without affecting the permanent mounting points or mounting surface.  Typically, once Monster Studs have been installed, removal and reinstallation of any device can be performed with one hand and a small wrench.

What are Monster Studs Adhesive Marine Fasteners Made Of?

If it's metal and says "marine", it better be 316 stainless steel!  Monster Studs adhesive marine fasteners are in fact made of 316 stainless steel! Every bit of Monster Studs, the base plate, machine threaded stud, nuts, and washer, are all made from corrosive resistant 316 stainless steel.  With Monster Studs, you can depend on all of your marine equipment staying mounted.

What Can Monster Studs Be Used For? 

Mount anything, anywhere! Easily install marine devices and equipment without drilling holes or using screws. Our adhesive marine fasteners can be used to mount and secure:

  • Discharge pumps
  • Wash down pumps
  • Fresh water holding tanks
  • Bait wells
  • Bait well pumps
  • Bait well pump systems
  • Battery hold-downs
  • Steering pump mounting cases
  • Marine refrigeration equipment hold down mounts - yeah, pretty much all of this stuff!
  • Marine desalination system equipment
  • Rigging: battery cable hold down mounts
  • Rigging: wiring bundle hold down mounts
  • Rigging: fuel line hold down mounts
  • Rigging: piping (flex or solid) hold down mounts
  • Rigging: marine refrigeration lines, gas and electrical
  • Rigging: multiple line run mounting one monster stud = multiple lines on one mounting point!
  • Battery isolators
  • Amplifiers
  • Inverters
  • Marine electronics
  • Toilet discharge holding tanks: grey water tanks, black water tanks
  • Air horns & air horn compressors
  • Routered or countersunk sub surface panel mounting: "stealth mount" with hidden base plate
  • Through-hole mounted fixtures & devices: built in / integrated backing plate
  • Elevated mounting
  • T-top through hole mounting: built in / integrated backing plate
  • Marine welding and fabrication applications
  • Endless land based construction, remodeling & engineering applications

Can it Handle Harsh Conditions like Salt Water or Heat?

Our non-corrosive 316 stainless steel marine fasteners can withstand harsh conditions like salt water and heat. Our adhesive marine fasteners can even lock down marine devices and equipment that are submerged in salt water!

Which Industries Benefit from Using Monster Studs?

The possibilities are endless! Industries that can benefit from using Monster Studs include but are not limited to:

  • Boat Construction, Manufacturing, Rigging
  • Yacht Construction, Manufacturing, Rigging
  • Boat and Yacht Maintenance and Repair
  • Marine Refrigeration
  • Marine Fabrication
  • Marine Electronics
  • Construction
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Industrial
  • Marine Hardware

How do I Mount my Equipment?

Installing Monster Studs is super quick and easy. Watch our easy-to-follow How To videos with step by step directions on how to reliably mount all your marine equipment and devices efficiently and safely.  When you install anything using Monster Studs, rest assured that whatever it is, it will stay mounted and never come loose unless you intentionally remove it.  Studley has your back!

HOW TO INSTALL MONSTER STUDS: Step by step written instructions - CLICK HERE


Which Adhesive Works Best with Monster Studs?

Studley recommends using 3M 5200 for horizontal mounting and JBWeld MarineWeld for vertical mounting, where a fast set up or curing time is critical.  Remember to thoroughly prep all surfaces prior to installation.  Leaving gelcoat or paint in between Monster Studs and your mounting surface is definitely not the correct way to install Monster Studs.  Sanding to bare fiberglass or non painted/coated material is essential in guaranteeing a permanent and reliable bond to your mounting surface. 

Can I Remove My Device if Needed?

Yes! This is one of the best features and one of the major benefits of using Monster Studs!  Our adhesive marine fastening system allows you to quickly and easily remove and reinstall whatever is mounted and typically with only one hand; any boat accessories, devices, pumps, or rigging without compromising or altering the strength or integrity of the actual mounting points of contact to the mounting surface.  Our worry-free adhesive marine hardware eliminates complicated and often physically strenuous, time-consuming removals, replacements, reinstallations and arduous maintenance tasks and repairs.

Where Can I Get Monster Studs?

Monster Studs are sold to the marine industry, construction industry and directly to the consumer.  If you are a boat or yacht builder, manufacturer, repair shop, marine supplier or other marine industry professional, contact us to set up an account.  

If you are a consumer or DIY'er, you can order Monster Studs here.   

Note:  Adhesives and additional hardware such as clamps and extra nuts and washers are sold separately.

If you have any questions, you can contact our team at Monsterstuds1@gmail.com.