Want to learn more about Monster Studs, the most innovative and game changing adhesive marine fastener?  Monster Studs ensures everything on your maritime vessel is safely, securely, and permanently mounted, but still easily removable, when and if need be. Our boating hardware is quick to install, so you can once and for all eliminate wasted time trying to re-mount marine devices that won't stay in place because of old, weakened screw holes.  No more messing up your boat drilling new holes time and time again.

Our new adhesive marine fastener makes boat repair and maintenance comfortable and quick. No more awkward and ridiculous reaching and contorting into tight spots on your boat just to remove and reinstall a pump that takes 10 minutes to rebuild or to re-mount something that has come loose once again due to stripped or corroded screws or a soggy or rotten deck or sub-surface.  Monster Studs are the absolute best available 316 stainless steel marine fasteners you can install!  Eliminate screws and convert all your mounted pumps and devices to Monster Studs!  That is if you want them to legitimately stay in place while still capable of being removed and reinstalled when needed.  Even if it's something you will never remove, that's even more reason to switch to Monster Studs.  Pumps, maritime accessories, marine devices, boat electronics and rigging will all stay in place until, with just one hand and a small wrench, it's time to quickly and easily remove them for replacement, repair, maintenance, or rebuild!

With Monster Studs' seamless installation process and virtually limitless applications and install variations, boat and yacht design will never be the same!

Studley the sea monster is a firm believer in changing the way we mount important items to our boats and yachts. He knows how tired we all are of struggling with trying to get certain marine devices to just stay mounted in place.  He knows trying to complete some simple repair and maintenance tasks are total time wasters, time that we could be spending actually enjoying our boats!

Like Studley always says, “Traditional marine hardware and fasteners can be a pain in the boat, Monster Studs adhesive marine fasteners are the solution!  Why screw around?”