Tired of your boat getting screwed? Monster Studs, a 316 stainless steel adhesive marine fastener that solves a long list of age old problems when it comes to mounting stuff to boats, allows you to quickly and easily mount or secure anything anywhere on your boat or yacht without drilling holes, using screws or penetrating mounting surfaces. This unique and revolutionary marine fastener safely and securely locks down industrial marine equipment, including pumps, boat accessories, holding tanks, and rigging to any surface in any position or location on your boat or yacht without drilling holes into the hull, bulkheads or anywhere else for that matter.

  • Marine devices stay in place & will never come loose
  • Easily un-mount devices with one hand when & if they need to be
  • No more uncomfortable squeezing into tight spots to use two hands with screws & a screw gun
  • Eliminates using screws: that often fail to keep devices mounted
  • Eliminates using screws: no more penetrating boat surfaces
  • Eliminates using screws: no more worrying about penetrating boat hull due to a screw being too long
  • Eliminates using screws: no more multiple, worthless holes in your boat from screw failure
  • Large base plate of Monster Studs covers & seals damaged surfaces to prevent water intrusion
  • Installation procedure of Monster Studs: can use over caulk to fill in all old holes or damaged surfaces
  • Extremely versatile mounting capabilities: can be used to mount anything, anywhere (see list below!)
  • Horizontal, vertical & through hole mounting
  • Stealth mounting behind a finished panel: only the stud shows through
  • No expensive adhesives & fancy applicators to purchase: utilizes readily & inexpensively purchased adhesives in small or large quantities as needed
  • Monster Studs can be purchased in any quantity
  • Super easy, quick & clean to install
  • Sufficient working time with recommended adhesives: no rushing or mess
  • Comes with one standard nut, one nylock nut & one flat washer
  • Monster Studs & included hardware are all made from 316 stainless steel
  • Saves time, energy & money when performing repairs & maintenance

What are Monster Studs?

Monster Studs are permanently mounted adhesive marine fasteners that completely transform marine device and rigging installations! The worry-free installation of Monster Studs allows you to safely, securely, and reliably fasten marine and boating equipment without damaging surfaces or making holes from using screws or other traditional marine fasteners.  The best part: whatever you mount with Monster Studs can quickly and efficiently be un-mounted and re-mounted with just one hand! Boat maintenance, repair and rigging has never been easier!

Why Be a Googan, When You Can Be a Stud!

 Don't let this happen to you.  Use Monster Studs!

Mount Anything, Anywhere!

Monster Studs can mount or secure anything, anywhere and in any position! If screws have consistently let you down and you need a solid and reliable marine fastener, Monster Studs can easily and efficiently mount or secure anything, anywhere without drilling holes or using screws.

Some of the uses for Monster Studs include fastening or securing:

  • Discharge pumps
  • Wash down pumps
  • Fresh water holding tanks
  • Bait wells
  • Bait well pumps
  • Bait well pump systems
  • Battery hold-downs
  • Steering pump mounting cases
  • Marine refrigeration equipment hold down mounts - yeah, pretty much all of this stuff!
  • Marine desalination system equipment
  • Rigging: battery cable hold down mounts
  • Rigging: wiring bundle hold down mounts
  • Rigging: fuel line hold down mounts
  • Rigging: piping (flex or solid) hold down mounts
  • Rigging: marine refrigeration lines, gas and electrical
  • Rigging: multiple line run mounting -  one monster stud can handle multiple lines of rigging with just one mounting point!
  • Battery isolators
  • Amplifiers
  • Inverters
  • Marine electronics
  • Toilet discharge holding tanks: grey water tanks, black water tanks
  • Air horns & air horn compressors
  • Routered or countersunk sub surface panel mounting: "stealth mount" with hidden base plate
  • Through-hole mounted fixtures & devices: built in / integrated backing plate
  • Elevated mounting
  • T-top through hole mounting: built in / integrated backing plate
  • Marine welding and fabrication applications

The possibilities for permanent yet easily removable mounting are literally endless when it comes to using Monster Studs.  No matter what the application or location, Monster Studs has you covered! 

That's what we do, mount stuff!

No More Screwing Around

With Monster Studs' revolutionary mounting process, there isn’t anything complicated or risky that is typically associated with drilling holes or using screws. The easy and worry-free installation of Monster Studs adhesive marine fastening system leaves no holes or damage. Studley's method makes it simple to easily remove and reinstall pumps, boat accessories, marine devices and other marine equipment without having to worry about damage or making holes in your boat or yacht.  Best of all, whatever you mount will stay put!  If it needs to be removed for service, maintenance or replacement; there will be no more uncomfortable reaching or contorting into awkward positions to access or reach into small hatches, lockers or holds.  Monster Studs eliminates the need to use two hands with screws and a screw gun to remove and reinstall mounted pumps, boat accessories, marine devices and other marine equipment. With our adhesive marine fastener, the once absolutely horrible and ridiculously challenging task of certain aspects of yacht and boat maintenance and repair has been transformed into being "never quicker and easier"!  Problem solved once and for all!

Watch Monster Studs Get to Work and Mount Stuff Right!

Marine Devices Can Be a Pain in the Boat: Contact our Team!

Need help with a solution to use Monster Studs for an installation on your boat or other industrial application? Want to mount something permanently and securely but still be able to quickly and easily remove it if and when needed?  Don't want to use screws or drill holes? Contact the Monster Studs team at to learn more about using our game changing adhesive marine fasteners for all of your mounting requirements. 

That's what a real Monster Stud does, you know, mounts stuff!