Studley's new US Patented marine fastening system solves a long list of age old problems associated with installing, removing and reinstalling and just simply keeping in place, marine devices and rigging on any type vessel.  Our revolutionary marine fastener truly allows you to securely "Mount Anything, Anywhere", without using screws or drilling holes! Unlike traditional marine fastening methods, Monster Studs gets the job done without the need to use two hands to hold screws and a screw gun.   Monster Studs are applied to boats with 3M 5200 permanent grade adhesive or JBWeld MarineWeld fast set epoxy.   MarineWeld is advertised as being stronger than 5200. If you know about 5200, this seems hard to imagine right!?! Both adhesives are sold separately. With so many different ways and places you can use these reliable and convenient new marine fasteners, you will want to install them on everything on your boat.  Monster Studs' bullet proof and worry-free installation process will ultimately save you time, energy and money when it comes to performing service, maintenance, and repairs on your boat.

Our adhesive marine fasteners also eliminate wear and tear on your boat when removing and reinstalling pumps and other equipment for service, maintenance, rebuild or replacement. The original mounting holes are never strong enough for screws to bite back into upon reinstallation. Plus, boats don’t leave a lot of room to work.   Monster Studs eliminates getting into uncomfortable positions squeezing and contorting into tight holds, bilges and lockers because of the need to use two hands with screws and a screw gun.   By eliminating screws and other traditional marine fasteners, removing and reinstalling any device, anywhere on your boat now only requires one hand and a quarter-inch drive ratchet or open end box combo wrench!  Monster Studs has you covered! Now you can remove and reinstall any device with ease, and without having to become a human pretzel!  Best of all whatever you mount will stay put, no matter what.

With endless possibilities, Monster Studs makes any mounting application worry and hassle-free. No more ridiculous and strenuous positioning of your body, no more slightly relocating equipment to make fresh new holes for screws to bite into, and best of all, it's because there are NO MORE SCREWS!  All your marine equipment and device installations and R&R's are now a piece of cake without making more damaging holes on or inside your vessel!  

Another bonus:  while you're installing Monster Studs, you can also use the "over caulk" to fill in any old holes before they turn into a major gelcoat or structural rot repair.  From bow to stern, why screw around with marine equipment and device installations, repairs, and replacements?  Mount that stuff right with Monster Studs!

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